Farmers are and other business which handle small quantities of low risk waste may need to re-register their waste exemptions as many will be running out of date this year.

The Environment Agency introduced a new exemption system in 2013. The exemptions were valid for three years and, following renewal in 2016, many will now expire this year. We have been busy renewing the exemptions for many of our clients already, but there are probably many more out there who may have overlooked it or who have had a reminder recently.

The exemptions can cover activities such as:

• Using road planings or rubble in tracks and gateways
• Burning hedge trimmings in the open
• Using old tyres on a silage clamp

The Environment Agency normally issue reminders about a month before the exemptions expire, but these reminders appear to be a little unreliable, so it’s sensible to check the online register as well. You can see your current registered exemptions, if any, here

Farms and other businesses that handle small quantities of waste or low-risk wastes will save money by registering for a free exemption if they meet the limits and conditions rather than paying an annual fee for an environmental permit.

The online process for registering exemptions is relatively quick and painless so please contact us for further information – 01684 325215 / 07814 033449