The BPS application window is due to open on 1st March and as always, it’s a good idea to get prepared early to avoid the last-minute rush. At the same time the application window opens, it should also be possible to transfer land and entitlements between claimants. The RPA initially said that we would be able to do this by the end of last year, but that functionality has been repeatedly delayed and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still a few gremlins in the system. The deadline this year is 15th May 2017.

The scheme rules and application process is largely the same as last year so at least we know where we stand. This still means that for some, the complex Greening rules will require some detailed calculations to ensure compliance.

There are many claimants whose 2015 and 2016 payments still have errors. Most of these errors seem to have stemmed from fields inexplicably being removed from claimant’s holdings by the RPA in 2015. It is important to log all errors with the RPA and, as far as possible, identify the exact cause of the problem. Sadly, there is no point expecting a quick response from the RPA, but patience and perseverance will ensure you get your full payment.

If you have had problems with your 2015 and/or 2016 payments then it would be advisable to get in touch with the RPA as soon as possible to identify the errors. This should (hopefully) give the RPA time to correct their mapping system so that your 2017 application can be made on correct, up to date mapping data.