The Rural Payments Agency(RPA) has published the Basic Payment Scheme(BPS) entitlement values and greening rates online today (6 November 2018). This follows the confirmation of the BPS exchange rate for payments this year (€1 = 0.89281). Payments will start landing in bank accounts from Monday 3 December. The payment to be made to applicants will depend on how many entitlements they hold and the eligible land declared on their application earlier this year. Please refer to the tables below for the detailed payment rates, subject to the ‘Financial Discipline’ reductions.


Entitlement values

Non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged Areas)€181.39€180.46€175.27
Upland SDA, other than moorland€180.00€178.90€174.01
Upland SDA moorland€49.09€49.63€45.97

Greening rates

Non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged Areas)€78.13€77.69€77.71
Upland SDA, other than moorland€77.53€76.92€77.15
Upland SDA moorland€21.14€21.32€20.39



Financial Discipline Mechanism Reimbursement

Each year the European Commission uses some of the BPS budget to create a ‘crisis reserve’. This is used to support the farming industry in times of crisis, such as disease outbreak. To do this – and to make sure that the overall European budget for BPS is not exceeded – a mechanism called ‘financial discipline’ is used. ‘Financial discipline’ means BPS payments across all Member States are reduced.

If the FDM funds have not been used to relieve a crisis, they are reimbursed to eligible farmers in the following scheme year. Farmers with a 2018 BPS claim worth more than €2,000 will receive a reimbursement from the 2017 FDM fund.

Payments will start from early October 2019. The payment is called ‘FDM reimbursement’ on the remittance advice, which is being sent after a payment is made.

The rate to use to calculate the reimbursement for 2018 is 1.411917%. RPA takes a farmer’s claim value, removes the first €2,000 and any reductions if they apply (but not cross compliance penalties), then multiplies this by 1.411917%. They take the resulting amount and remove any cross compliance penalties from it.