The online entitlements and land transfers functionality for BPS 2019 is now available again on the Rural Payments service.

Online entitlements transfers – For inclusion in BPS 2019 applications, the deadline for entitlements transfers is midnight on 15th May 2019. If a paper RLE1 form has already been submitted to transfer entitlements and the transfer is yet to be completed, it may be advisable to cancel the submitted form and make the transfer online. This will ensure that the transfer happens, rather than relying on the RPA to manually process the form themselves. Online transfers allow applicants themselves to almost immediately check that the transfer has been successful.

Online land transfers – Land can also be transferred online. In addition to transferring land, it is possible to ”Remove” land from an SBI by selecting that as the type of transfer. This may be necessary if land has been sold or a tenancy has ended where the new occupier is not a BPS applicant.