Most footpaths have been in existence for many generations and usually pre-date the motor car to a time when access by foot was the dominant method of travelling around the countryside. Whilst the rights and legal basis of most footpaths are well established, it is still possible to move public rights of way, especially if it is to allow development.

We have recently successfully moved a footpath for a client to allow them to put up a new agricultural building and whilst it did take some time, it was a relatively painless process. This will not always be the case as if it is a heavily used path or in a sensitive location, there may well be objections to resolve and ramblers to appease!

There is no way of speeding up the process as there are very formal procedures that have to be completed and you should not expect it to take less than six months. There is also some cost involved as well, most of it will be payable to the local authority in fees and to cover the costs of advertising the proposal. However, the time and cost can be minimised with a good alternative route and a sensible approach from the outset. You will have to work proactively with the local authority so it’s important to go to them with the right attitude and clear justification from the outset.

If you would like any assistance with moving a footpath on your land, please do not hesitate to get in touch – 01684 325215 / 07814 033449