The Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant is back again for another year. It’s a short application window with the deadline being 28th April. It covers the following items, some of which can be combined on the same boundary:

  • Stone-faced bank repair                                                £31/m
  • Stone-faced bank restoration                                     £86/m
  • Earth bank restoration                                                   £7/m
  • Hedgerow laying                                                              £9.40/m
  • Hedgerow coppicing                                                       £4/m
  • Hedgerow gapping-up                                                   £9.50/m
  • Hedgerow supplement – Casting up                         £3/m
  • Hedgerow supplement – top binding & staking   £3.40/m
  • Stone wall restoration                                                    £25/m
  • Stone wall supplement – top wiring                         £3.60/m
  • Stone wall supplement – stone from quarry         £44/m
  • Planting standard hedgerow tree                              £8.80 per tree


This scheme is relatively simple to administer and offers reasonable payment rates. You aren’t going to make any money on it but if you are thinking of doing the work anyway, then why not get your costs covered!

We submitted several applications last year and hope to do a few more this year to take advantage of this funding while it lasts.