This popular capital grant scheme is back again for 2018. It’s a short application window with the deadline of applications having to be submitted to Natural England by 30th April. It covers a variety of boundary works, including the following:

  • Stone-faced bank repair                                   £31/m
  • Stone-faced bank restoration                           £86/m
  • Earth Bank Restoration                                    £7/m
  • Hedgerow laying                                               £9.40/m
  • Hedgerow coppicing                                         £4/m                                                                       
  • Hedgerow gapping-up                                      £9.50/m
  • Hedgerow supplement – Casting up                 £3/m
  • Hedge supplement – top binding & staking      £3.40/m
  • Stone wall restoration                                       £25/m
  • Stone Wall Supplement – Top Wiring               £3.60/m
  • Stone Wall Supplement – Stone from quarry   £44/m
  • Planting standard hedgerow tree                     £8.80 per tree

As with last year, the payments rates are reasonable without being generous. You probably won’t be able to make a profit on the work required, but if you are thinking of doing the work anyway or have some hedges or walls in need of repair, then why not take the money that’s on offer with this grant! In previous years, the maximum grant amount was £5,000 but it has now been increased to £10,000 to allow much larger schemes.

Applications are relatively simple to administer; however, they must be submitted online.  If you’re successful, you will have two years to complete the work.  We’ve submitted a number of applications over the last few years and hope to do a few more this year.

For more information, contact Charles at the office on 01684 325215 or 07814 033449.