The RPA is undertaking a comprehensive mapping review as part of its obligations to ensure that the mapping data it uses is up to date. As many will have experienced in the past, these mapping updates seem to generate as many incorrect changes as correct ones, so it’s important to make sure any changes to your maps reflect what is actually happening on the ground.

Unfortunately, the RPA will not be issuing paper maps to highlight any changes and instead will be notifying claimants via the messages section of the RPA online system. All notifications should have been sent out by the end of October so if haven’t received anything by then, you land should be unaffected.  If you receive an online message telling you of any changes, you will then need to check your maps online to see if the changes are correct. The online notification will only list the field numbers affected, it won’t actually specify what the changes are. We will have to work that our for ourselves!

Some of the changes are likely to be very minor and they may not be obvious on first inspection. Commonly, these could be caused by marginal realignments of boundaries that have no effect on the size of a parcel.

If you do spot incorrect amendments, it will be necessary to submit a completed RLE1 form with a sketch map, clearly marking both with ‘Unrequested change query’. The sooner this is done the better so as to ensure incorrect changes do not impact on your 2018 BPS application.

For more details from the RPA about the mapping update, please visit the following link: